We have gathered over 20,000 lbs of Provo River Trash alone!


How we work

When Fish for Garbage formed in 2014 our mission was simple after fishing an individual would collect garbage, placing it in their net, as they walked back to their vehicle.  This was only the foundation of our work. Our organization has grown from this basic principle to building localized annual events that assist cleaning heavily used waterways and promote healthy trash habits for the community. For every event we partner with that regions companies, organizations and key figures to build harmony in the community through service to its streams, rivers, ponds and lakes. 

Most of all we want to make sure these natural resources are around for generations to come.


“I never knew I could make friends while picking up other peoples trash.”

Jason Dyer  |  Brighton Anglers


Host your own clean up

If you are interested in conducting a cleanup event in your area, contact us we are happy to help get you started. 


Ready to help?