Brad Greeno


After countless encounters with piles of trash along the rivers and lakes Brad enjoys fishing. He felt he needed to do something about it and so he came up with the idea of Fish For Garbage. 


Jared Winkler

Marketing - VOLUNTEER  

Jared is the founder of Brighton Anglers, A fishy group of fly-fishing folks from Salt Lake City Utah. With a marketing and event management background Jared leads river clean ups though out the region.


Jason Dyer

Communications - Volunteer

Originally from New Hampshire, Jason at a young age began fly-fishing lakes, rivers, small streams and the Atlantic Coast of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts with his father. He was easily able to enjoy Salt and Fresh water growing up. Depending on the tide schedule, Jason was known to get up early to hunt Brooke Trout at sunrise then drive to the beach to chase Stripers with the incoming tide.